Pets Find Homes With the Help of Naperville Humane Society
by: Jessica Buettner There are many animal shelters that exist throughout the Chicagoland area that do their best to find homes for abandoned animals. The Naperville Area Humane Society is a fine example of an organization that works hard to help stray dogs and cats find loving owners who... Read more
Bikes N’ Roses

Bikes N’ Roses

Radar March 24, 2017 0

By: Heather Rowlison A warm welcome is given anytime someone new walks into the shop, followed by eager eyes jumping at the opportunity to help that new customer. Off to the side you can see busy hands turn gears and tightening bolts; this is the sight of the Bikes... Read more
An Upscale Style Experience Catered to You
By: Marri Gragnani Rosalyn Genovese has been a wardrobe stylist since 2003. Now, she is introducing her knew journey as a wardrobe stylist working with Carlisle Collection. Carlisle Collection has been in business for over thirty years and they are known for their exquisite designs, their close attention to... Read more


City Guide March 20, 2017 0

By: Jessica Buettner Anime conventions have become really popular over the past few years as more people choose to become a part of these events. There are large conventions, medium-size conventions and then there are small conventions, such as ColumCon. ColumCon is a two-day convention that took place at... Read more
New Moms

New Moms

Radar March 20, 2017 0

By: Heather Rowlison The bright light in the dark is the New mom’s organization, which houses expecting women who are facing poverty and homelessness. For 34 years, they have been providing support and services to young moms living in the Chicagoland area. Laura Zumdahl, President and CEO of New... Read more
A City Full of Class and Integrity
By: Heather Rowlison Taking the time to give back to our youth is not something that comes easy. This takes dedication, hard work and a commitment that goes beyond expectations. This commitment is exemplified through the I Am A Gentleman organization. Taking young men and giving them a hope... Read more
Children’s Museum Supports Everyday Learning for Children
By: Jessica Buettner Teaching a child the skills of life at a young age will help them become smart individuals and will motivate them to gain more knowledge about the world around them. Wonder Works Children’s Museum in Oak Park, Illinois is an organization that has different services to... Read more
Chicago Real Estate Broker Uses Hobby to Help Animals Find a Home
By: Heather Rowlison A dark image appears when some think about the lives of shelter dogs but one Chicago man uses his special hobby to shed a little light onto the lives of these animals; A light of hope that comes from the flashing of his camera. That man... Read more
Written by: Britta Rivera Prior to the housing market crash back in 2007, most had not heard about a Short Sale nor understood what it meant.  This includes Real Estate Agents, Attorney’s and struggling homeowners.  However, as home prices continued to decline and the economy crumbled, many sellers and agents soon became very familiar with... Read more

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