Where Reading And Books Become A Forefront in the Lives of Children
By: Heather Rowlison Imagine, not being able to read the words in front of you. It comes so easy because it was something you learned at a young age. Reading, whether through book programs, parents reading to you as a child or through your school’s library, it was a... Read more
Four Star Lounge – Chicago
The motto for Lincoln Park’s hip new hideout? “Polished but not pretentious” At Four Star Lounge (named for the four-starred Chicago flag,) you can get a drink named for every city neighborhood – among them, the “Viagra Triangle Martini”, the “Pilsen Pepino”, the “Lincoln Park Fashioned”, and the “Boystown... Read more
Improving the Minds and Bodies of Students Through Gardening
By: Heather Rowlison When some people think about urban gardening, the thought of creating greenspaces for the city come to mind, but what if it’s about more than just creating spaces for communities to come together? Gardeneers is a program that sustains school gardens and helps students gain knowledge... Read more
Randolph Street Market Festival
By: Meka Al Taqi-Brown Who: The Randolph Street Market Festival What: A festival bringing together over 300 vendors selling antiques, jewelry, food, clothing -practically anything under the sun- and some things you had no idea you would find. Where: 1340 W. Washington Street. Chicago, Il. Can be indoors or... Read more
Giving Girls an Extra Shot at Becoming a Game Changer
By: Heather Rowlison Laughs fill the gymnasium as girls run around in circles, playing tag, tossing volleyballs and shooting hoops. This is the site of McGuane Park, where The Girls in the Game annual spring Olympics are being held. At Girls in the Game every girl is helped along... Read more
Long-Lasting Relationships are Made at Big Brothers Big Sisters
By: Jessica Buettner For young people across the Chicagoland area, it’s important for them to have relationships with mentors that are older than them. These mentors are around to help them learn new things and they can grow as young individuals. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago are... Read more
Skokie Festival Of Cultures
By: Murphy Sharp Who: Robin Horowitz, Entertainment Coordinator for the Skokie Festival of Cultures. What: A gathering and celebration of Skokie. Over 30 cultures and countries are being represented at this year’s fair, with food, entertainment and art from around the world. When: May 20-21st 2017 Where: Oakton Park,... Read more
Kids with Special Needs Receive the Education They Deserve
By: Jessica Buettner There are a lot of kids out there who have physical and/or mental disabilities and they are unable to learn in school like most kids. That’s why there are places like Giant Steps in Lisle, IL where staff members work together to help those kids learn... Read more
Helping to Feed the Bodies and Souls of Homeless Chicagoans
By: Heather Rowlison Pacific Garden Mission is a homeless shelter located at the corner of 14th St. and Canal St. Every day, they welcome in the homeless men and women of Chicago where they feed them and give them shelter. In-fact the shelter is so large that they feed... Read more


Food May 15, 2017 0

10 Questions with Scofflaw Danny Shapiro, and head chef Nicole Bayani 1. Danny, what does the name “Scofflaw” mean to you? Scofflaw represents doing the unexpected. In our case, it meant offering bespoke elements (hospitality, food, cocktails) in a neighborhood environment completely devoid of pretension. The word literally means... Read more

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