Kids In Danger

Kids In Danger Hot

FeatureRadar June 26, 2017 0

By: Marri Gragnani Kids In Danger was founded back in 1998 by two University of Chicago professors whose son, Danny, was killed in a recalled portable crib at childcare. No one at the childcare or Danny’s parents knew that the crib had been recalled and four other children before... Read more
Hinsdale Humane Society Helps Animal’s Find Homes
By: Marri Gragnani The Hinsdale Humane Society is a non-profit organization known for adopting out animals as well as caring for and returning lost and found animals to their owners. However, aside from being able to adopt a dog, puppy, cat or kitten, the Hinsdale Humane Society also has... Read more
Building a Brighter Future with Inspiration Corporation
By: Meka Al-Taqi Brown Help is all around us if we just search for it. There are certainly plenty of places in the Chicagoland area to assist. This is where Inspiration Corporation comes into the picture. Inspiration Corporation is a non-profit organization that provides the homeless and those who... Read more
Reading on Wheels

Reading on Wheels

Radar June 19, 2017 0

By: Marri Gragnani Big Rig Books is a non-profit literacy organization on wheels. Big Rig Books travels to underserved communities in the Chicagoland area in the spring, summer, and fall and November to April, they travel to south Florida and service there. This non-profit’s first event was in January... Read more
Inspiration Plays a Huge Role at Local Restaurant
By: Meka Al Taqi-Brown The summer is approaching, and that means it is the perfect season to start exploring in Chicago. A popular place that people visit is the Garfield Park Conservatory. But of course, after all that walking and sightseeing of the conservatory, the question of where to... Read more
Where Reading And Books Become A Forefront in the Lives of Children
By: Heather Rowlison Imagine, not being able to read the words in front of you. It comes so easy because it was something you learned at a young age. Reading, whether through book programs, parents reading to you as a child or through your school’s library, it was a... Read more
Improving the Minds and Bodies of Students Through Gardening
By: Heather Rowlison When some people think about urban gardening, the thought of creating greenspaces for the city come to mind, but what if it’s about more than just creating spaces for communities to come together? Gardeneers is a program that sustains school gardens and helps students gain knowledge... Read more
Giving Girls an Extra Shot at Becoming a Game Changer
By: Heather Rowlison Laughs fill the gymnasium as girls run around in circles, playing tag, tossing volleyballs and shooting hoops. This is the site of McGuane Park, where The Girls in the Game annual spring Olympics are being held. At Girls in the Game every girl is helped along... Read more
Long-Lasting Relationships are Made at Big Brothers Big Sisters
By: Jessica Buettner For young people across the Chicagoland area, it’s important for them to have relationships with mentors that are older than them. These mentors are around to help them learn new things and they can grow as young individuals. Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metropolitan Chicago are... Read more
Kids with Special Needs Receive the Education They Deserve
By: Jessica Buettner There are a lot of kids out there who have physical and/or mental disabilities and they are unable to learn in school like most kids. That’s why there are places like Giant Steps in Lisle, IL where staff members work together to help those kids learn... Read more

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